St Luke's Science & Sports College

Harts Lane, Exeter, EX1 3RD

St Luke's Science & Sports College is located in EX1 3RD, Exeter, Harts Lane. This school gives a great opportunity for members of the public to hire the incredible facilities available. This venue is host to many great sporting facilities, including a spacious sports hall, a versatile outdoor court and a brilliant astro pitch.

We also boast dance and drama classes which are perfectly suited for you to practice and a main hall ideal for your magnificent performances. The main hall and Atrium can also be used for special events such as children's birthday parties.

Over 20 rooms are also available during the weekend and evenings for educational classes and important business meetings.


Our Dance and Drama studios are now available for hire!!

Facilities for all manner of events available for your bookings!

Contact Us now for availability and prices.